Mens Ministries


Saturday Fellowship Breakfasts

The men meet, at the church, at 8.00 am every 2nd Saturday morning of each month. A self serve breakfast is provided before the commencement of a Bible Study which begins at 8-30 am. Time before the Bible Study is spent fellowshipping and getting to know one another.

The Bible Studies are geared toward topics of interest, and encourage active participation. These topics may, from time to time, include Bible prophecy, especially as world events unfold indicating possible fulfillment. The focus is always to spend time in the Word so that we may understand it better and, that we may apply it to our lives so that we will grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus.


Each year, with some exceptions, we join with the other ministries of the church and participate in the church outreach at the Cheese Festival.

Work Days

A Saturday or two each year is set aside to attend to items needing repair or rebuilding in the church or, on the church property. Other ministries also participate in this activity.

We invite you to join us as we study God’s Word.